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Turn existing byproduct into valuable resources with
our biogas EPC services.
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Turnkey Biogas & Renewable Energy Services

Biogas is a highly versatile resource, but it’s largely an untapped byproduct in many industries. Landfills, waste treatment plants, and large-scale farming operations are some of the most lucrative opportunities for turning methane gas into fuel. At Weiss Renewable Solutions, we specialize in process optimization to take advantage of your current resources and capitalize on a potentially multi-million dollar source of untapped revenue to grow your business or the efficiency of your government organization. Our patented biogas equipment can turn methane gas into fuel for on-site use or resale to the public grid. With our help, you can improve your bottom line and contribute to your environment by reducing local emissions potentially earning carbon credit. Explore our services below to learn more.

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At project initiation, we provide planning services, cost estimation, yield analysis, and system design for your biogas harvesting project.

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For project execution, we offer logistics services that cover purchasing, material sourcing, quality control, receiving, and invoicing.

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We deliver the installation and coordination services that keep construction on schedule, from building activities and client communication to project closeout.

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Bring Your Renewable Energy Project to Life

At Weiss, we provide the design, process equipment, and installation services to convert and capture methane from your business or municipal resource. We provide customizable solutions, enabling us to take on projects of any size from any client. From sourcing and purchasing the right project materials to expediting the process and ensuring quality inspections, we provide a bonded performance gaurentee. Our consultancy at every stage of development is a collaborative effort that smooths workflow and promotes seamless operations. Contact us today to start making your green energy project a reality.

Invest in Your Resources

Contact Weiss Renewable Solutions today to discover the ways that biogas harvesting could benefit your business or community. With innovative designs and exceptional results, we deliver the turnkey service that makes your renewable energy project more streamlined, reliable, and profitable. Speak with our experts to find out how much biogas you could harvest and discover the options our EPC services can afford you.

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